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When your iPhone is moved, iDetect (motion) alerts by sound or by sending an "SOS" message to your Twitter and Facebook friends. If your friends are nearby, maybe they can help spot your iPhone.

Pressing the home button will terminate an app; therefore, this app cannot safely secure your iPhone. However, set the volume at maximum for if you are nearby you can hear that your iPhone has been moved. The sound alert will play even if your iPhone is muted or if the lock/sleep button is pressed.

Your SOS message will be posted to your Facebook News Feed (and Wall). Additionally, it will appear on your friends News Feeds, and as your Twitter status.

You can have iDetect include your iPhones location with your message, tagged on at the end as an address translated from the GPS coordinates of your iPhone. To include location information with your messages, you must turn on Location Services from your iPhones Settings Application.

iDetect will not store your Twitter password, unless you give it permission to do so.

iDetect will never store your Facebook password. As long as you are logged on to Facebook, iDetect can post to your Facebook data stream once you have given it permission to do so.

A network connection is required to send an SOS to your friends. Without network access, you cant send an SOS, but iDetect can alert by sound. You can also configure the iDetect application without a network connection.

Please visit the support URL. Your questions/feedback are welcomed.